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N64°12’03.59” - W021°59’3077”



Whale Watching:

8:45 - ON

12:45 - ON

15:00 - ON

Creatures of the sea:

17:00 - OFF


15:00 - ON

17:00 - ON

19:00 - OFF




This morning we left with little expectations because yesterday had not been great in the evening, but we were going to get surprised. We left heading west as usual but one of the other whale watching boats sighted a spout, of possibly a humpback. The whole fleet rushed to the location of that boat and soon it became clear it was a humpback, in fact, the same individual we had encountered yesterday. This time its behavior was very relaxed so our views and pictures weren't too great. We actually decided to leave the whale after we had seen it for a while. We sailed a little further out and we found a large group of white-beaked dolphins that were welcoming and started even bow riding our boat.



One of the white-beaked dolphins that approached our boat this morning.


Then we heard over the radio that a humpback whale had become crazy breaching and slapping nearby and waited no time to pay it a visit.  as we got closer we could see it breaching two or three times and we couldn't wait to get closer.


One of the moments when the humpback whale breached, always a great sight.


We stayed with that individual that kept rolling over. splashing and breaching on the same spot for more than ten minutes, and all our guest got fantastic photos.



Today's lively humpback put on a show for everyone to admire.