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N64°12’03.59” - W021°59’3077”



Whale Watching:

8:45 - OFF

12:45 - ON

Sunny but quite cold but and of course we do provide warm overalls, just usk our crew on the boat for assistance.

​To schedule please contact us at info@ReykjavikSailors.is

Northern Lights:

22:00 - ON

Amazing forecast for tonight, no clouds expected and high activity :)

​To schedule please contact us at info@ReykjavikSailors.is




Little taste of summer


Today we left harbor with a mild breeze from the SW, clear skies and hardly any waves., Basically a summer day on the sunshine, but a bit chili on the shade. We sailed out and after a short while several dorsal fins were sighted. We encountered a large family pod of white-beaked dolphins scattered over a large area in groups of three to five individuals. There were animals of all sizes including juveniles and so many of them that soon all the whale watching boats had one group each for viewing. We got lucky enough to stumble upon a pod whose leader is well known to us (scar face), we have seen it several times this winter, I think is middle aged (mid 20s), but still we don't know its gender. 

After having spent some time with our friends, we like the other boats decided to find some larger whales. Not long sailing further out into the way a pair of minke whales were spotted and we had the opportunity to view them for a while every time they surface to breath after a feeding dive. 

In all the tour was very successful today, we had a good view of the dolphins and a decent sighting of a pair of minke whales on a quasi-summer day for Icelandic climate.