How should I dress for the tour? 
We recommend dressing warmly it is colder on the sea than in land

I am prone to sea sickness, is this tour for me?
Answer: We offer free sickness tablets if you want to take one before the tour

Do you sell any refreshments on board? 
Answer: Yes we have a indoor saloon always full with light snacks, beer and soft drinks.

Are there toilets on board? 
Answer: Yea

Do you offer discounts for children? 
Answer: Yes it´s always 50% discount for kids and free for infents 

Do you offer discounts for groups?
Answer: Yes please contact our sales team at booking@reykjaviksailors.is

What is the minimum age for children ?
Answer: Children under the age of 15 cannot go alone on board

Do you offer hotel pick up service ? 
Answer: Yes we offer pick up and drop off at hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavík area 

My tour was cancelled. What do I do next? 
Answer: If you have no chance to reschedule and have not joined a tour with us, you get a refund.