Whale Watching:

8:45 - ON

12:45 - ON


Today we had a little cold day sailing out into the bay, we also had some waves that did not amount to swell. Afer a couple of days of rough weather, when no boats did go out at all. We did not know what to expect so we decided to set course west towards the feeding grounds. A humpback whale had been around in the bay the days before the storm.



We were hoping that this individual may have just returned to the bay after the stormy weather had calmed, but no one of the whale watching boats spotted it today. There were only small groups of white-beaked dolphins to be found out there on the morning tour. 

Later on, we noticed the presence of diving birds (guillemots and puffins) in the area as well as more fish under the boat. All these observations made us suspect that minke whales may have been attracted to the area, indeed while on our way back a minke whale showed up right in front of us. Although some passengers saw it well we did not manage to get a picture this time as it all happened too fast. We called all passengers back on deck and searched for that individual for a while but it just didn't show up again, it probably swam away too fast in some direction and we just lost it. 


In summary, the day was reasonably successful considering the turbulent conditions out there after the stormy days. The presence of auks (guillemots and puffins) is very encouraging they arrive into the bay because they expect sand eels to begin to come off the sandy bottom after their long hibernation.